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Services to Help You Live a Balanced Life

Life Coaching
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Coaching Packages


Single Sessions - $125
These sessions are primarily for check-ins for existing clients - or for those who want to work on a very specific obstacle or clarify a specific goal and feel that it can be done in an hour.

1 Month Package - $500

Mapping/Assessment session (FREE 20 Minute call)
Goal Setting Exercise
1x 60-minute coaching sessions weekly (recorded and notes provided)
Email & Text Support for 4 weeks
Resources & Supportive ‘homework’

3 Month Packages - $1500

Mapping/Assessment session (FREE 20 Minute call)
Goal Setting Exercise
1x60-minute coaching sessions weekly (recorded and notes provided)
Email & Text Support for 12 weeks
Resources & Supportive ‘homework’
Emergency calls when needed

Teen Packages

Regardless of your time commitment, you can choose your focus or we can discover it together

A Balanced Life

(If you struggle to prioritize tasks, get things done or carve out time for the things you love, this is the package for you.)

Handling Challenging Transitions

(For Middle Schoolers off to High School, High Schoolers off to College or College students about to enter the real world!)

Self Esteem & Empowerment

(Build your self esteem so you can

live your best life!)

Executive Functioning & Study Skills

(This is the package for those who are looking for overall improvement in school)

Health & Wellness

(Want to get healthy, get strong or deal with stress? This is your package)


(Want to build better relationships with your parents, friends or other adults in your life? This is the package for you.)

Using Tablet at the Park

Women's Packages

Happy Mother with her Child

A Balanced Life

If you feel like your life is too heavy in one area and too light in another, this package is for you. 

Health and Wellness

Whether you are trying to lose weight, start meditating or implement healthy habits into your life, this package is for you.

Happy Mom

Learn how to set goals that can help you better manage the stressors of being a mom, while prioritizing yourself as well.

Sailing Smoothly through Transitions

If you need support going through big life changes like empty nesting, divorce, moving states or countries, changing careers, etc. this package is for you.

Online Yoga
In-Person Yoga

I help clients achieve balance in their lives.


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